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286 Phantom Series Studs & Support Plates by Woody's*

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  • A complete line of traction products developed specifically for Ski-Doo’s REV-XP, REV-XR, REV-XS & REV (G4) tracks.
  • Due to the unique track design, this is the only traction product available to maintain track warranty and track life.
  • Kit complete with stud, nut and support plate.
  • The only traction product approved by BRP.
  • To install the studs, always use the installation tools, procedures and torque specified in the instructions.
  • Proper installation provides maximum product longevity and helps prevent track damage.
  • BRP recommendsthat studs be installed by authorized BRP dealers, and on approved pre-patterned tracks only.
  • These tracks come standard on most 2015 Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Look for this symbol on your track.
  • Woody’s products are designed to fit and interact with each other.
  • The stud nut and support plate form a complete unit.
  • The use of aggressive skis, ski carbide runners or studs will alter the handling of your snowmobile, particularly in terms of manoeuvrability, acceleration and braking. Please refer to your Operators Guide for more details.

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